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Cape progress..

Hello Sweeties, I am sorry that I have not been around much lately. I have had a little trouble getting into a solid routine. I am still trying to work my etsy store while working a full-time job and volunteering at church and still find time to sew for myself. Anyway, I made some progress on the cape despite the problems I had with it. Things were fine until I tried it on and the shoulders were super pointy! So I had to revamp it to fit my small rounded shoulders. At least now it looks good…


So obviously I have a little bit more work to do on it, but I did a fair amount of hand sewing on this piece. The rest should go fairly quickly.


Fall Project #1- The Cape

I have been wanting to make a cape since I was in high school. Granted at that time I wanted one that was long, hooded and would have probably marked as a Goth or Witch, but now my view is much more fashionable. The pattern uses wat this one by Thunderlily. It is called The Road Cape and is free to Burda Style members. Although I like the pattern, I did have to do some pattern grading to make it the right size. I also didn’t want to do a lot of button work so I changed that also and instead of making a zig zag edge, made a straight one.


In all reality would like for the cape to look like the one that Gossip Girl’s #1 mean girl, Blair Waldorf, wore…


So far I have finished the grading, fitting, and cutting of the main pieces. Now I am sewing the interlining to the inside of the cape by hand via the “quilting” method. I did this because I wanted the interlining to move with the outside of the cape. So back to work I go!~

The UFO Skirt and preparing for other projects.

Hello happy saps ( Idk where that came from..just felt right), I know that you have been wondering what has happened to the almighty UFO skirt that I was making. I did finish it, however between the time at which I started construction on the pattern and seems as though I have gained a few pounds. Ok ten to be…lying.. more like fifteen pounds. I had fallen off of the vegan wagon sometime between rehearsals for the easter musical at church and our annual 4th of July celebration ( also at church). Now I am back on track and when I can zip up the skirt I will photograph it for you.

This is what I have been doing in the meantime….


Copying vintage patterns. I have several in my possession and want to get started on a few of them sometime soon. I am also planning my Autumn “to make” wardrobe. Sew until next time friends..

One down….

Well this week has definitely been busy. I did get one item finished though. My refashioned dress that I bought from Goodwill. I attempted to dye it again to see if it would get darker. It did but then so did my finger!. Yep I removed my gloves to find that one of my fingers had been dyed BLACK. I’m sorry that there aren’t any pictures of that but I freaked out and ran to get some baking soda and vinegar to get it off. Luckily I removed most of it and no longer look like my finger is rotting off my hand. So the fruits of that labor didn’t produce much better results on the dress. It is a little darker but not much.

This is it… my new house-dress! I didn’t intend to use it a house dress but when I dyed it, the color pooled in some places so I had no choice. I still like it though.

Next I will finish the hem on my pencil skirt.

Its Official!!

I am now officially on vacation! I am not going to get to go anywhere but I do get one uninterrupted week off from work. So I have been thinking about how I was going to spend my holiday. I originally wanted to take the time to work on my business, but I have made the decision to focus on myself this week. I will be turning this into a Sewcation! I would like to get a few things done. First off I would like to finish those UFO’s that I was working on..remember those? Also I would like to put together a list of things that I would like to make that would complete my wardrobe starting with the less intimidating articles of clothing first. This list will even contain foundation garments! I am so excited…. and a little scared.

Starlet Wannabe

While I work on my UFO projects, I think I should post something on here just in case someone is reading this. So lets start with why I decided to start a blog about me sewing vintage ( with some modern) clothes.


I really love vintage things! I have always loved them. I can remember sitting in front of the TV at an early age and watching old black and white ( and some Technicolor) movies. I love everything ( style wise) about that time period between the 40’s and 60’s. From the clothes right down to the Pyrex ( or Corning) bakeware and dinnerware that had the flowers/ butterfly’s on it. (My grandmother had some with blue and my aunt had yellow ones!).I really would like to find a set of those for myself, which is a little odd to me since I use to think that they were so ugly. It took me many years (I’m 30 years old!) to be comfortable with the fact that this is what I like and to not be ashamed to want to have things that were apart of this era. Not to say that I don’t like things from our present time as well, because I do. I just love the simplicity that the time represents. I like the fact that women took the time to look like ladies and not so frumpy, as some of our modern-day women’s ( and mens) fashions represent today. Look at some of my favorite Starlets from yesteryear.

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge- was phenomenal! I loved her style and especially her hairstyles! I am still trying to emulate this curly style above. She was just gorgeous!

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly– Do I really need to explain. She was a true lady. Beautiful, graceful, and a PRINCESS! Next…

Lana Turner as a blonde

Lana Turner as a brunette

Lana Turner– liked her much better as a brunette, which I believe was her real hair color. Producers asked her to change it because it made her look to ethnic. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall– She was very striking to me. A lot of people think that she wasn’t very attractive, but I love her look. I also loved her rich voice. It wasn’t all high and squeaky like others of the time.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor– The woman who revolutionized the slip. Love her!

Sofia Loren

Sofia Loren– Don’t really know much about her except that she is beautiful.

These are the women who inspire me to be who I am and to be more lady like.I like to wear girdles, thigh highs, silk slips and camisoles. So what, why should I have to explain why I want to dress that way. I feel better when I am dressed up. I feel like a lady. I am a starlet wannabe!

Project UFO

Now that things have calmed down at church from all the Easter festivities, I can concentrate on clothes. Now comes the time for me to finish a couple of UFO’s in my wardrobe.

Red tweed pencil skirt

First up is this pencil skirt that I started making before the holidays! I am finally going to hem this sucker and fix the zipper while I am at it.

I am also working on this garment. It is a refashioned dress that I bought from The Salvation Army. It used to be green gingham and I dyed it using black. It’s not quite dark enough for me so I think that I will try it again.Not sure if I want it to be a dress or a shirt yet, but I am still working on it. I would like to see what it would look like with a little bit of lace on it, so we shall see.


Who says that resolutions have to made only at the start of a new year? Well in all honesty, I made this resolution to myself a long time ago, however I am just now blogging about it. I have decided, in light of recent events upon graduating from school for the last time, that I would cut some corners. One of those ways was to start making my own clothes. I have been able to sew for a long time and being a bigger girl, clothes are often of poor quality and overpriced. During the last three years of me being in school I work part time at a very popular plus size clothing store and the quality of clothes that came through there were not worth the price tag. The only time that I did like what I saw (quality wise) was when they bought third-party merchandise from a well known designer. During this time I found myself saying “I can make this.. and better”. So I decided to take that plunge. Its been several months since I have bought anything RTW and I plan on keeping it that way. This also comes in handy since I have to lose weight for health reasons, so i can re-purpose anything that I make or have in my closet that was bought RTW.

I looked at my closet today and found many things that don’t fit (i.e. to big) that I can try and make into something else to keep using it and not throw it away. There is also a large pile of thing that need to be mended staring me in the face…so I think it is safe to say that I will be starting this resolution off with a bang!

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