Is there a Master Knitter in the house?

Sometimes I wonder about my ability to separate my real life from the fantasy crafty world that I think I live in. You see I try not to think about my real life which is full of…well work. It feels like a never-ending stream of planning youth events for church, working my real-life 9-5 job, grocery shopping, giving voice lessons and cleaning. That world that I just … Continue reading Is there a Master Knitter in the house?

Making progress

The holiday season has got to be one of the busiest for me. Between all of the holiday parties and the family gatherings ( all impromptu of course), I feel like I don’t have two minutes to just sit and breathe. However in spite of all of the craziness, I try to find time to do things for myself. So far the Livingston Stole is making great progress. I am halfway … Continue reading Making progress