Is there a Master Knitter in the house?

100_2427 (2)Sometimes I wonder about my ability to separate my real life from the fantasy crafty world that I think I live in. You see I try not to think about my real life which is full of…well work. It feels like a never-ending stream of planning youth events for church, working my real-life 9-5 job, grocery shopping, giving voice lessons and cleaning. That world that I just described is not the one that I choose to believe that I live in. I choose to believe that I reside in the beautiful, fun, craft filled world of…Craftopia! Where working and mundane chores are miraculously replaced with crafting, and I only need to sleep about 4 hours a day. Need some supplies… no problem, the Craftopia warehouse is full of them. They have everything here and I do mean everything. Its like walking into Mary Poppins’ carpet bag…just a never-ending stream of jewelry supplies, every type of yarn imaginable, fabric, sewing machines etc. You name it, it’s here.

However because I and painfully aware that I do not live in my happy fantasy world I guess I should realize that I should not have taken on yet another, somewhat serious undertaking. What is this new development that will take up a lot of my not so free time? I have decided to take the TKGA’s Master Knitting Program. Now I have noticed around the blogosphere that not many people talk about it. So I would like to mention as much as I can about it as I go through it so that others that have questions can see what it is like to go through this program step by step as I am going through it.

On another note I am almost finished with the Livingston Stole. I have two more sections to knit and then I will be finished! I am very happy with the progress but I wish that I would have chosen a different color to knit it in now. Anyway hindsight is 20/20 right? Back to the real world.




2 thoughts on “Is there a Master Knitter in the house?

  1. LOL I think I know what you mean. I also live in Craftopia! We must be neighbors. All of my projects magically complete themselves when I get bored of them. And I never have to work or even get sick. It’s fantastic 🙂 I’ve heard of the Master Knitting Program, but yeah, I don’t see many blogging about it. I wonder why not? Good luck, it sounds like a BIG challenge, but you’ll be a ninja knitter by the end 🙂

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