My first pair of panties!/ Leko patterns

I finally did it! I finally have sewn my first pair of panties. Really they are more like french knickers or tap pants. I did an ok job if I do say so myself.
The pattern that I used was Lekala 5251. Leko is an online pattern company in Russia. When you go to their website you can purchase a certain number of patterns from them at one time. They send you a registration code and this is the code that you will use for ordering your patterns of choice. When you find the pattern you want you will need to enter the measurements they ask for (in centimeters of course!) and they will send you the pattern via email. You then print off the pattern from home. Of course you will have to tape the papers together since it is on standard sized paper. I have to say that I was a little wary of using these patterns but they worked really well. If you don’t want to buy any patterns just yet and want to try them out, they have some freebies that you can try.

Well Until next time…got some more panties to make!


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