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Circle Skirts

I have now moved on to my next fall project. A circle skirt. I have found several different ways to make these, but I did download a calculator from Patty the Snugbug’s blog. The tutorial on her site can be found here. So this is my inpsiration for the skirt (the bottom left) as well as a swatch of the fabric.

Today is step one. to draft and cut the pattern. Pictures tomorrow.


Fall and Winter Palette

So I have been reading several of my favorite blogs and a few of them have mentioned joining the Fall Palette Challenge posted by Sarai from Colette Patterns. I decided it would be a great way for me to stash bust my heavier fabrics( and some lighter ones) so I am taking on this challenge with a few changes. I will not be following the 8 week timeline ( I mean come on… I have two jobs!), but will be completing this on my own time. Here are the things that I would like to try an finish.













The first is the materials that I had in my stash minus the pumpkin organza that I ordered from fabric mart. The other pages have the things that I hope to make soon. Here we go again!



Absolutely!! Lots of it. It is Labor day and I am laboring over this cape that I am still working on. I have now finished the interlining only to discover that I have sewn the back and side pieces together incorrectly. The two front pieces show the pattern on the right side and the back… well… was not! It seems at though I have followed suit with the collar as well. But me being me, I decided to leave it the way it is…. but that is not the worst of it. I really screwed up on it. I accidently cut too much off the bottom of the cape and made it too short. No problem right? Wrong!! I could not find a way to fix and I tried everything. So maybe I will make a purse instead.

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