Fall Project #1- The Cape

I have been wanting to make a cape since I was in high school. Granted at that time I wanted one that was long, hooded and would have probably marked as a Goth or Witch, but now my view is much more fashionable. The pattern uses wat this one by Thunderlily. It is called The Road Cape and is free to Burda Style members. Although I like the pattern, I did have to do some pattern grading to make it the right size. I also didn’t want to do a lot of button work so I changed that also and instead of making a zig zag edge, made a straight one.


In all reality would like for the cape to look like the one that Gossip Girl’s #1 mean girl, Blair Waldorf, wore…


So far I have finished the grading, fitting, and cutting of the main pieces. Now I am sewing the interlining to the inside of the cape by hand via the “quilting” method. I did this because I wanted the interlining to move with the outside of the cape. So back to work I go!~


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