One down….

Well this week has definitely been busy. I did get one item finished though. My refashioned dress that I bought from Goodwill. I attempted to dye it again to see if it would get darker. It did but then so did my finger!. Yep I removed my gloves to find that one of my fingers had been dyed BLACK. I’m sorry that there aren’t any pictures of that but I freaked out and ran to get some baking soda and vinegar to get it off. Luckily I removed most of it and no longer look like my finger is rotting off my hand. So the fruits of that labor didn’t produce much better results on the dress. It is a little darker but not much.

This is it… my new house-dress! I didn’t intend to use it a house dress but when I dyed it, the color pooled in some places so I had no choice. I still like it though.

Next I will finish the hem on my pencil skirt.


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