Starlet Wannabe

While I work on my UFO projects, I think I should post something on here just in case someone is reading this. So lets start with why I decided to start a blog about me sewing vintage ( with some modern) clothes.


I really love vintage things! I have always loved them. I can remember sitting in front of the TV at an early age and watching old black and white ( and some Technicolor) movies. I love everything ( style wise) about that time period between the 40’s and 60’s. From the clothes right down to the Pyrex ( or Corning) bakeware and dinnerware that had the flowers/ butterfly’s on it. (My grandmother had some with blue and my aunt had yellow ones!).I really would like to find a set of those for myself, which is a little odd to me since I use to think that they were so ugly. It took me many years (I’m 30 years old!) to be comfortable with the fact that this is what I like and to not be ashamed to want to have things that were apart of this era. Not to say that I don’t like things from our present time as well, because I do. I just love the simplicity that the time represents. I like the fact that women took the time to look like ladies and not so frumpy, as some of our modern-day women’s ( and mens) fashions represent today. Look at some of my favorite Starlets from yesteryear.

Dorothy Dandridge
Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge- was phenomenal! I loved her style and especially her hairstyles! I am still trying to emulate this curly style above. She was just gorgeous!

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly– Do I really need to explain. She was a true lady. Beautiful, graceful, and a PRINCESS! Next…

Lana Turner as a blonde
Lana Turner as a brunette

Lana Turner– liked her much better as a brunette, which I believe was her real hair color. Producers asked her to change it because it made her look to ethnic. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall– She was very striking to me. A lot of people think that she wasn’t very attractive, but I love her look. I also loved her rich voice. It wasn’t all high and squeaky like others of the time.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor– The woman who revolutionized the slip. Love her!

Sofia Loren

Sofia Loren– Don’t really know much about her except that she is beautiful.

These are the women who inspire me to be who I am and to be more lady like.I like to wear girdles, thigh highs, silk slips and camisoles. So what, why should I have to explain why I want to dress that way. I feel better when I am dressed up. I feel like a lady. I am a starlet wannabe!


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