Who says that resolutions have to made only at the start of a new year? Well in all honesty, I made this resolution to myself a long time ago, however I am just now blogging about it. I have decided, in light of recent events upon graduating from school for the last time, that I would cut some corners. One of those ways was to start making my own clothes. I have been able to sew for a long time and being a bigger girl, clothes are often of poor quality and overpriced. During the last three years of me being in school I work part time at a very popular plus size clothing store and the quality of clothes that came through there were not worth the price tag. The only time that I did like what I saw (quality wise) was when they bought third-party merchandise from a well known designer. During this time I found myself saying “I can make this.. and better”. So I decided to take that plunge. Its been several months since I have bought anything RTW and I plan on keeping it that way. This also comes in handy since I have to lose weight for health reasons, so i can re-purpose anything that I make or have in my closet that was bought RTW.

I looked at my closet today and found many things that don’t fit (i.e. to big) that I can try and make into something else to keep using it and not throw it away. There is also a large pile of thing that need to be mended staring me in the face…so I think it is safe to say that I will be starting this resolution off with a bang!


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