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Is there a Master Knitter in the house?

100_2427 (2)Sometimes I wonder about my ability to separate my real life from the fantasy crafty world that I think I live in. You see I try not to think about my real life which is full of…well work. It feels like a never-ending stream of planning youth events for church, working my real-life 9-5 job, grocery shopping, giving voice lessons and cleaning. That world that I just described is not the one that I choose to believe that I live in. I choose to believe that I reside in the beautiful, fun, craft filled world of…Craftopia! Where working and mundane chores are miraculously replaced with crafting, and I only need to sleep about 4 hours a day. Need some supplies… no problem, the Craftopia warehouse is full of them. They have everything here and I do mean everything. Its like walking into Mary Poppins’ carpet bag…just a never-ending stream of jewelry supplies, every type of yarn imaginable, fabric, sewing machines etc. You name it, it’s here.

However because I and painfully aware that I do not live in my happy fantasy world I guess I should realize that I should not have taken on yet another, somewhat serious undertaking. What is this new development that will take up a lot of my not so free time? I have decided to take the TKGA’s Master Knitting Program. Now I have noticed around the blogosphere that not many people talk about it. So I would like to mention as much as I can about it as I go through it so that others that have questions can see what it is like to go through this program step by step as I am going through it.

On another note I am almost finished with the Livingston Stole. I have two more sections to knit and then I will be finished! I am very happy with the progress but I wish that I would have chosen a different color to knit it in now. Anyway hindsight is 20/20 right? Back to the real world.




Making progress

The holiday season has got to be one of the busiest for me. Between all of the holiday parties and the family gatherings ( all impromptu of course), I feel like I don’t have two minutes to just sit and breathe. However in spite of all of the craziness, I try to find time to do things for myself. So far the Livingston Stole is making great progress. I am halfway through the piece and can’t wait to wear something that I made for myself…finally!!! Here is what it looks like so far…


I know….don’t say it….I have to get better at taking pictures. But until that happens this is what we have to work with.

In true crafter fashion I am already planning my next projects. I am trying to destash in preparation to buy, buy, buy at the Sheep and Wool Festival this year that is held in my town in the spring. I wanted to hit the SAFF (South Eastern Animal and Fiber Fair) this year but I think that I will have to wait until next year for that one. Anyway I think that my next few projects will be socks, since I have a lot of sock yarn in my stash. So get ready for sock knitting posts!

Happy Creating

Noelle Re

The Livingston Stole

I have decided to knit from my stash to get ready for the sheep and wool festivals coming up next year. I was looking for a non-garment pattern and came across the Livingston Stole from Creative Knitting Magazine’s Wraps, Capelets & Cowls. I chose to use Yarn Bee, Andes Alpaca 70/30 blend yarn in Cinnamon. I figured I would get more use out of brown than any other color.

I have finished about 5% of this item and only messed up once! Which I didn’t bother to fix by the way (don’t judge me). livingston stole1

I am not sure if this will turn out to be the same as the picture. The one pictured in the magazine seems huge compared to mine, but it is early yet. We will see what happens after it is finished and has been blocked. If you want to see what it looks like in various stages then come look at my Ravelry page.


Talk to you soon!

Noelle Re


Where did the time go?

Has it really been a year since my last post! Well 17 months to be exact. I would like to say that I will do better but I really don’t know if I will. There are a few new developments in my life. Since I last posted I got a new job and then a year later I bought a dog! ( sorry mom, I will never have kids).  After I got my baby girl, Pippa, I started a dog clothing company. Then not six months after that our youth pastors at church stepped down and so we were flying blind until our Senior Pastors decided to ask EW and I to team up as youth pastors. I had my reservations about it, but I said yes in the end. My life got way more hectic after that. Now on top of everything else I have decided not to make anything big until I lose about 20 lbs. That’s right! My life now includes dieting. I am getting far to old to carry all this extra weight around. So for the sake of my health and of course vanity I am taking the plunge to lose 150 lbs.

Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a diet blog. I just wanted to explain the brief hiatus in sewing project that will appear here. Until I start sewing again, I am going to be knitting and spinning yarn. I mean I have to do something will all that free time I have! After all… idle hands are the devil’s workshop!

My quickie dress!


Just a little something that I threw together

My first pair of panties!/ Leko patterns

I finally did it! I finally have sewn my first pair of panties. Really they are more like french knickers or tap pants. I did an ok job if I do say so myself.
The pattern that I used was Lekala 5251. Leko is an online pattern company in Russia. When you go to their website you can purchase a certain number of patterns from them at one time. They send you a registration code and this is the code that you will use for ordering your patterns of choice. When you find the pattern you want you will need to enter the measurements they ask for (in centimeters of course!) and they will send you the pattern via email. You then print off the pattern from home. Of course you will have to tape the papers together since it is on standard sized paper. I have to say that I was a little wary of using these patterns but they worked really well. If you don’t want to buy any patterns just yet and want to try them out, they have some freebies that you can try.

Well Until next time…got some more panties to make!

My new craft space

So I finally have made some progress on my sewing space. I had a table built using 2×4’s and saw horses. I painted them white and…. hello! A table! Please enjoy the pictures.. I am not really good at photography but I am getting better.


Here is the view from the sitting room side as you come into the room.

A Place for my fabrics and jars of buttons and embellishments.


Bookshelf for yarn, sewing machine and miscellaneous storage, as well as…well, books!

My table that is extremely tall. I put cork tiles there to seperate my designs by season and gender. I know it sounds weird but…alas.

The space still needs some decoration and such… I will have to put my own spin on it. So far, I love it. I am in there all the time too. There is a TV and sitting area on the front side of the room so I have a place to sit and do my hand sewing. Thanks mom for sharing your space!

Circle Skirts

I have now moved on to my next fall project. A circle skirt. I have found several different ways to make these, but I did download a calculator from Patty the Snugbug’s blog. The tutorial on her site can be found here. So this is my inpsiration for the skirt (the bottom left) as well as a swatch of the fabric.

Today is step one. to draft and cut the pattern. Pictures tomorrow.

Fall and Winter Palette

So I have been reading several of my favorite blogs and a few of them have mentioned joining the Fall Palette Challenge posted by Sarai from Colette Patterns. I decided it would be a great way for me to stash bust my heavier fabrics( and some lighter ones) so I am taking on this challenge with a few changes. I will not be following the 8 week timeline ( I mean come on… I have two jobs!), but will be completing this on my own time. Here are the things that I would like to try an finish.













The first is the materials that I had in my stash minus the pumpkin organza that I ordered from fabric mart. The other pages have the things that I hope to make soon. Here we go again!



Absolutely!! Lots of it. It is Labor day and I am laboring over this cape that I am still working on. I have now finished the interlining only to discover that I have sewn the back and side pieces together incorrectly. The two front pieces show the pattern on the right side and the back… well… was not! It seems at though I have followed suit with the collar as well. But me being me, I decided to leave it the way it is…. but that is not the worst of it. I really screwed up on it. I accidently cut too much off the bottom of the cape and made it too short. No problem right? Wrong!! I could not find a way to fix and I tried everything. So maybe I will make a purse instead.

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